Taylor Swift Nude AI Explicit Photos Leak


New collections of the Telegram group & X shares explicit AI-generated nudes pictures of Kansas City Chiefs Fans touching Taylor Swift ass painted in red paint in the Stadium with FUCK ME. The Sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift generated by Artificial Intelligence emerged from a Telegram group before they were shared millions… Swift pictured leaving Nobu restaurant after dining with Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick. @Taylorswift

Swift, 34, was said to be deeply distressed by the images, and members of Congress have renewed their calls for the criminalization of sharing of pornographic, nonconsensual deepfakes.

The images were first spotted on Wednesday, and spread rapidly, receiving 45 million views and 24,000 reposts on X before they were removed, 19 hours later, the Verge reported.

On Thursday, tech website 404 Media discovered that the images originated in a Telegram group, which was dedicated to making non-consensual AI generated sexual images of women. Members of the group were annoyed at the attention the Swift images were drawing to their work, 404 Media reported.

Date: March 24, 2024

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